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Child Support | Caprio Law
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Child Support

Child support ordered by a judge of the Family Court must be paid as ordered or there are serious consequences.  Failure to pay child support can result in severe penalties, including wage garnishment, damage to credit history and even incarceration.

Child support is an important part of a divorce proceeding or a custody dispute.  It is established according to a state guideline based on the income and financial status of the parties.  After it is established in the first instance, overtime changes in circumstances or the means of the parties may warrant a modification of a child support order.  Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with the legal and emotional aspects of determining and enforcing child support orders.  If you have questions regarding child support you owe or are owed or if you wish to modify a previous court order, call our office and speak to one of our attorneys today.

Child Support FAQs

What is Child Support?

Child support is the monetary obligation of a parent to provide support for their child. Child support payments can not be discharged in bankruptcy, and must be paid even if the obligated party is unemployed.
At What Age Does Child Support End? What if I am Still Caring for my Child?
Child support ends once a child reaches 18 years of age, regardless if you are providing for them financially or not. The only exception to this is if your child is still in high school, which will extend payment of child support until the age of 19.

Can the Amount of Child Support Paid be Changed?

Yes, but changing the amount of child support is difficult. You have to be able to prove that a substantial change in income or circumstance has occurred. Circumstances that may qualify are: loss of a job, increase in income on the part of either party.

How is Overtime Calculated into Child Support Payments?

Currently there is no law in Rhode Island that addresses this issue. Previous legal rulings in Rhode Island Courts have stated that overtime should not be calculated into child support payment obligations.

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